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We provide marketing strategy, training and executive leadership to in-house teams so that busy CEOs free up their time while scaling.

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for Online Product Brands Scaling to 7-Figures+

    Learn How to 2x Your Online Product Sales with Facebook & Instagram Ads in 2023

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    You secretly wish you could grow your brand w/o having to do everything

    The truth is, you've been A LOT of marketing yet can't seem to hit your next revenue milestone.

    You've tried TikTok, Facebook Ads, and all the tactics but you're still stuck. You even have a team of rockstars and since you don't have the time, expertise (or desire) to lead the marketing you can't scale.

    Someone has to set the strategy and lead your team so they can succeed, and that's where we come in.

    If you're like most CEOs I Work With

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    Stop wasting time and money trying to figure out how to build Facebook and Instagram Ads on your own and let us give you the customized strategy + technical training you need to increase sales without needing an  agency. 

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    Remove yourself from the center of your marketing so that you can be the CEO and focus on other areas of your business that need your attention since you're spending all your time on marketing.

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    Ready to build an Unstoppable 7-Figure Brand?


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    Get a clear roadmap to 7-figures with a customized marketing plan for your brand so that you know exactly what steps you need to take to grow your business to $1 Million and beyond following our signature framework. 

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    Need some quick clarity on how to make your marketing work for you so you can get to your next level? Book my 90-Minute Marketing Strategy Session Bundle to get access to my expertise w/o a retainer.

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    About Stacy

    I want you to become the next Unstoppable DTC Brand

    I know you have an amazing product that you know changes lives but you're stuck. You're stuck at your current revenue, stuck leading the marketing and strapped for time but you have big dreams!

    I believe that with the right strategies, systems and support your brand will become a household name that generates 7-Figures+ annually.

    Black-owned businesses generated less than 1% of the more than $2 trillion in reported gross revenue nationwide and I’m on a mission to change that. 

    Hey! I'm Stacy

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    "Working with Stacy is the most amazing experience! Truly a dream realized. She is super thorough, quick and reliable, and she communicates clearly. Her strategy and follow-through are stellar. I’ve never felt more comfortable with another’s ability to take a project and run with it."

    -Ariel O’Mara, O’Mara Sprung Floors

    Her strategy and follow-through are stellar.

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