Generating over $150 Million in revenue running Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns for the largest shoe & apparel brands in the world at

Training media buyers & agencies on best practices for paid social advertising campaigns that scale.

Helping small businesses compete with big brands on social media for over 11 years.

Building over 1,200 Facebook Ads campaigns for brands like Birkenstock, Crocs, Nike, Dr. Martens, Adidas, & Steve Madden.

A few Things I'm Proud Of:

Expert Facebook Ads Strategist

Hi, I'm Stacy Zeal!

Feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of creating and posting on Instagram with little movement in your sales? 

Itching to scale your business and sell more products but the thought of increasing the number of Reels you post a day makes you want to run away screaming?

I get it.

For over 10 years, I’ve helped small and large business owners build engaged communities on Facebook and Instagram but you know what…

Engagement doesn’t pay the bills.

Having a beautiful, engaging social media presence is important but it won’t get you to the next level in sales. 

Posting 17 reels/day isn’t sustainable when you’re a busy entrepreneur (unless you have a team of 10 focusing solely on creating a mass amount of content)

In 2017, I saw an inkling of the magic of Facebook ads.

In 2018, I was introduced to the power of Paid Social Media Marketing AT SCALE.

And by scale I mean…

Generating over $150 million in revenue executing social media ad campaigns for some of the largest shoe and fashion brands in the world at

✅ Personally building well over 1,200 paid Facebook & Instagram campaigns for brands like Birkenstock, Crocs, Adidas, Brooks & Steve Madden

✅ Training & overseeing (great & not so great) agencies in executing high volume, highly strategic campaigns across company initiatives like new customer acquisition, retention, retargeting, and mobile app install

Social Media Ads can change your business. They can change your life...if you have the right strategy.

After attending countless conferences at Facebook HQ (I won a Purple Mattress one time for answering a question), weekly meetings with reps dedicated to our success *so we spend more 😉 & countless hours strategizing...

I’ve learned that in order to 3X your revenue with Facebook Ads, you need: 

A Scalable Strategy
A Magnetic Message
A Clear Customer Journey

I take e-commerce & digital product businesses to 7-figures without burnout by creating custom Facebook & Instagram Ad Strategies designed to take your business to the next level.

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