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5 Actions to Take Now

Happy New Year! Are you prepared for 2024? Let’s bring it in with some practical advice, stories from my marketing adventures, and a sprinkle of that get-up-and-go vibe to help you jump into the new year with a bang. 

In the first episode of Roadmap to $1 Million in 2024, I’m super excited to chat about how to crush it in 2024 with some killer Facebook Ads strategies. We’re going to reflect on what worked and what didn’t last year, really dig into those important 2024 marketing trends, give your marketing stuff a good once-over, talk about tweaking how you do things in your biz, and make sure your team is all singing from the same song sheet.

I’ll also let you in on some of the wisdom I’ve picked up while planning things out with my assistant, and I’ll be dishing out some top-notch advice to help you sharpen up your marketing game. Plus, I’ve got a fresh new quiz for you to try out, and if you’re itching for some one-on-one guidance, I’m all ears—just reach out.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Five essential action steps for dominating in 2024
  • The importance of preparing for 2024
  • How to review marketing metrics to understand leads and sales sources
  • & so much more!
5 actions to take now to dominate 2024 roadmap to 1 million podcast Stacy Zeal Stacy Reed

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