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AI and Marketing: How AI Can Help You Save Time and Money

Streamlining content creation without losing creative control is a genuine concern for many busy CEOs. That’s why I’ll be sharing some awesome tips on how to integrate AI tools like Chat GPT, PodSqueeze, and Canva into your marketing strategy. But don’t worry, I’m not advocating for robots to take over the creative process! I’ll be reminding you that human creativity and input are still essential.

In this episode of Roadmap to $1 Million, we’re diving into the world of AI and how it can help us create content like a boss.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • What A.I. is and Why it’s Useful in Marketing
  • AI Tools for Marketing
  • 3 Tips to Use A.I. in Your Marketing
  • How to use AI with your Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • & so much more!

Tools Mentioned:

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