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Beyond Clicks: Why Your Website Holds the Key to Your Facebook Ad Success with Lindsay Tramel-Jones

Are you primarily relying on your social media for your marketing? If so, you are leaving money on the table and this episode’s guest is here to discuss how you can elevate your website and marketing game.

In this episode of Roadmap to $1 Million, I am psyched to talk with Lindsay Tramel-Jones, owner of Fierceified Creative & Consulting. Lindsay shares the significance of compelling copy and being mobile-friendly for your website’s success teaching us how to create user-friendly experiences that capture attention and convert visitors into valuable leads and loyal customers.

Together, we explore the world of websites and their crucial role in marketing and advertising. We highlight common mistakes businesses make with their websites and offer solutions to optimize for better results. We also share valuable insights on website optimization, including adapting to customer needs and preferences. Additionally, we discuss the role of analytics tools in measuring marketing effectiveness, allowing you to fine-tune strategies for maximum impact.

If you’re ready to elevate your website and marketing game, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Tune in for practical tips and valuable insights that will help you create a standout website and propel your business forward.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How to get people off social media platforms and into your marketing ecosystem
  • The importance of not relying solely on social media to be your “internet home”
  • Best practices for leveraging analytics tools in measuring your site’s effectiveness
  • & so much more!

About Lindsay Tramel-Jones: 

Lindsay Tramel-Jones is the WordPress whisperer and the owner of Fierceified Creative & Consulting. She designs websites that help trailblazers fighting for equity shake the world. She uses her proven liberated framework to build beautiful, high-visibility, functional, and user-centric websites. You can learn more about her by listening to her podcast, More Than A Brand- a pearl-clutching, laugh-out-loud show that teaches you what to expect from website ownership. 

Follow Lindsay on social media: Instagram | LinkedIn

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