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Founder Spotlight: Shifting from Shame to Strategy with Chris Witherspoon of PopViewers

It takes exceptional drive to build and scale a business in America today, but it takes a special kind of grit to do it as a minority. CEOs of color have amazing stories that inspire others trying to break down barriers and fight through things like Imposter Syndrome. The Roadmap to $1 Million Podcast has been invited to join the Preferred Podcast Partners for Founding in Color Season 2 on Peacock! 

In this special bonus episode of Roadmap to $1 Million, I’m having an amazing conversation with Chris Witherspoon, CEO & Founder of PopViewers, about his inspiring story of becoming a black founder and CEO. 

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How Chris Witherspoon journeyed from entertainment journalism to founder of PopViewers
  • How Chris used driving for Lyft as market research for his app
  • How to shift from shame to strategy to bring your vision to life
  • Advice on fundraising, building your power team, and more gems for founders of color
  • And so much more! 

About Chris Witherspoon: 

Chris Witherspoon, CEO & Founder of PopViewers, is an entrepreneur, entertainment journalist, and producer with a signature, accessible approach to media and culture. PopViewers is a community app built to deliver next-level audience sentiment that helps viewers decide what to watch next! Follow Chris on social media: @witherspoonc @popviewers

About Founding in Color:

Founding in Color, a three-part docuseries from Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs, shines the spotlight on eleven Black and Latino startup founders. The series features Maisha Burt, Ofo Ezeugwu, Marcus Jimenez, Maryann Kilgallon, Dustin D. McMahon, Shontay Lundy, Folasade’ Ogunmokun, Lorel Scott, Brandon Winfield, Rodney Williams, and Chris Witherspoon as they get candid about navigating race, family, identity, mental health, and more, all while building and scaling businesses in America today. 

Watch the series on Peacock.

Learn more about the show and the founders.

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