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How Structure Helped African Media Agency Create Long-Term Growth

Experiencing fast growth in your online biz? Well, if you have, you might relate to the need for some serious structure in your marketing game, whether you’re hustling in the office or jet-setting across the globe! As your go-to Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I’m all about setting up killer processes and systems that support long-term growth!

In this episode, get ready for an epic chat with the incredible Eloine Barry, the powerhouse behind the African Media Agency and one of our awesome past clients. We’re diving deep into the world of marketing success, unpacking the vital role of robust systems, and hearing firsthand how Eloine’s agency thrived under our guidance.

Eloine’s not holding back – she’ll spill the tea on the challenges of implementing these game-changing systems and the sheer grit it takes to conquer them. Plus, she’s getting real about the personal journey of relocating to a new country – the ups, the downs, and how it can shake things up both professionally and personally.

As we wrap up, I’ve got some golden nuggets of wisdom tailor-made for all you CEOs and business leaders out there looking to take your companies to new heights.

And hey, a little reminder – if you’re hungry for personalized advice on marketing strategies or ready to rocket your business forward, don’t be shy! Book a call with us – we’re here for you!

Get ready to be inspired by Eloine’s journey and the invaluable lessons she’s learned on the road to building a thriving business.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How fast growth can leave gaps in your biz
  • The lowdown on having killer marketing systems for consistency
  • How African Media Agency soared to long-term success with Stacy Zeal & Co.
  • The real deal on working with a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
  • How building a solid structure around your marketing creates long-term growth
  • & so much more!
How Structure Helped African Media Agency Create Long-Term Growth Roadmap to 1 million podcast Eloine Barry Stacy Reed Stacy Zeal

About Eloïne Barry:

Eloïne Barry is the Founder & CEO of African Media Agency (AMA), an award-winning Abidjan-based company founded as an answer to the rising need of multinationals, NGOs, and international organizations to reach a broader audience in every African country, directly impacting their business strategies and goals. AMA has developed, supported, and launched successful pan-African communications campaigns on behalf of prestigious African and international entities like: African Development Bank, IFC, BCEAO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mastercard, Foundation, Western Union, and Merck

Based in New York, Eloïne is a French-African multilingual communications and business professional with a proven track record in building and managing PR businesses. An accomplished team leader, across disparate geographies and virtual teams, Eloïne commands a deep understanding of the African communications landscape with more than 15 years of experience in the European and African communications industry.

Eloïne has been recognized as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) in 2018. She is a Tony Elumelu Foundation Mentor and sits on the Boards of Africa Communications Week and Africa No Filter agency. She was nominated in 2016 and 2017 as African Woman of the Year in the media category, was awarded the Grand Prix Excellence of the ASCOM Abidjan 2019, and in 2021, African Media Agency was awarded an African SABRE Certificate of Excellence in the Media Relations category.

Follow Eloïne on Social Media: LinkedIn

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