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Unlocking Growth: How Facebook Ads Supercharged Our Startup’s Waitlist to 7,800 Members with Iris Nevins [Client Interview]

On a mission to impact hundreds or even millions of people with your startup? Then you need a marketing strategy to match. 

In this week’s episode of Roadmap to $1 Million, I’m interviewing a long-time client and colleague, Iris Nevins, CEO & Co-Founder, Umba Daima. Iris shares her journey from being a teacher to becoming a software engineer and launching Umba Daima, a company focused on building digital communities and improving digital literacy worldwide. 

We spill the beans on Umba Daima’s marketing strategy for her app, Tech Misfits, and how Facebook ads have been a game-changer for growing the waitlist.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • What it really takes to have the impact that you want to have
  • How Facebook Ads helped the Tech Misfits app grow its waitlist to 7,800+
  • How Tech Misfits is impacting digital literacy for diverse communities
  • Where to start if you’re on the fence about Facebook ads
  • And so much more!

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About Iris Nevins:

Iris Nevins is the co-founder and CEO of Umba Daima, a company operating at the intersection of technology, community, and education. Iris is a former social studies teacher and grassroots community organizer who became a software engineer after realizing that tech could be used to solve large-scale problems for society. She has worked at companies like Mailchimp and Vox and also does project management consulting.

Follow Iris on social media: Instagram | Twitter

Learn more about Tech Misfits at TechMisfitsApp.com.

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