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Layered Leads System

Your existing audience is engaged, but you aren’t adding enough people to your pipeline to hit your $1 million milestone. We'll guide you on effective strategies to consistently attract leads to create exponential growth.

What's a Layered Lead System?

A Layered Lead System combines short-term and long-term lead generation strategies to increase leads significantly. You can easily see what levers you can pull to increase the number of leads in your pipeline.


Your messaging and content attract the right audience so you're well-positioned to expand your reach and nurture new prospects.

You are consistently showing up and your audience understands what problems you solve.


Balancing time and resources for intentionally expanding your audience may be a challenge as you're already super busy.

You are already seeing success with your current activities so adding tactics that don't give instant results may seem like a waste of time.


The more you grow, the more leads you’ll need to hit those high sales goals but you don’t have the time to sacrifice.


“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”


– Stephen R. Covey.

If you don't take action...

You risk having a stagnant or declining lead pool.

Revenue may plateau or decrease due to missed sales opportunities.

Failing to attract enough leads consistently can lead to reduced profitability

Your Action Steps

Create a Lead Magnet

Create a lead magnet that draws your audience to you and gives them a taste of what it would be like to work with you.


Don’t stop there! Add automated email marketing campaigns that nurture those new and existing leads at scale.


Craft personalized and engaging emails that guide leads toward the sale so that every lead that comes into your world gets the information they need to work with you.

Expand Your Content

Prioritize evergreen content strategies like blogging, podcasting, or YouTube videos and prioritize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to create content that consistently adds new leads to your marketing ecosystem.


Focus on providing value to your audience and addressing their pain points to attract and capture leads effectively. 

Invest in Ads

Invest in paid advertising campaigns to expand your reach and attract new leads.


Utilize platforms like Facebook and Instagram Ads to target your ideal audience and drive traffic to your content and lead magnets.

Organic reach is dropping so it's getting harder and harder to reach your target audience when they need you by solely relying on organic marketing.

Want Faster Results?

Prioritize Marketing Automation: Implement marketing automation software to streamline lead generation and nurturing. Set up automated email campaigns, tagging, and personalized follow-ups to engage leads more efficiently.

This will help you capture and convert cold leads faster.

My Fave Tool for This: ConvertKit

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