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Multi-Faceted Marketing Mix

Your path to $1 Million involves creating a comprehensive marketing plan that expands beyond organic marketing.

What's a Multi-Faceted Marketing Mix?

A Multi-Faceted Marketing Mix involves diversifying your marketing efforts with a comprehensive marketing plan that expands beyond organic marketing. This holistic approach will drive significant sales growth.


You have a validated offer and have proven that you can build an audience ready to buy from you.

You're well-positioned to diversify marketing channels based on your existing data and increase sales potential.


Integrating and managing various marketing channels may be overwhelming without the right systems and support.

Everything in marketing works so it can be hard to figure out what channels will be most impactful.

You've put all your eggs in one basket.


"Marketers have learned that using three or more channels in any campaign can earn a 287% higher purchase rate than using a single-channel campaign.” 


- Digizuite

If you don't take action...

You may continue to rely heavily on a single marketing channel, limiting growth potential.

Over time, this can result in missed opportunities in other marketing avenues and potential revenue.

Failure to diversify and optimize marketing efforts can lead to slow growth and endless content creation.

Your Action Steps

Start Testing

Implement an intentional testing strategy to learn more about what works and what doesn't.


Invest in data analytics tools to track the performance of various marketing channels.


Analyze data to make informed decisions and optimize strategies for the best results.

Tap Your Network

Collaborate with partners or influencers in your industry for cross-promotional opportunities.


Aligning your efforts with people who have already built an audience of your ideal clients will exponentially expand your visibility and reach.

I added 100 new people to my list from 1 joint workshop!

Invest in Ads

Because you are finding success with organic marketing, it’s time to invest in paid ads to expand your reach and attract new leads.


Utilize platforms like Facebook and Instagram Ads to target your ideal audience and drive traffic to your content and lead magnets.

Organic reach is dropping so it's getting harder and harder to reach your target audience when they need you by solely relying on organic marketing.

Want Faster Results?

Marketing Analytics Dashboard: Develop a centralized marketing analytics dashboard that provides real-time data and insights from various channels. This dashboard will enable you to quickly identify what's working and where adjustments are needed, resulting in faster decision-making and optimization.

My Fave Tool for This: Google Analytics

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