Can’t Seem to hit $7-Figures Despite Doing A LOT of Marketing?

You have an amazing product but...

You are not alone & We can help!

Are you doing all the things when you’d rather be CEO-ing or taking time off?

What if instead of doing things like leading the marketing strategy and overseeing the team, you could free up your time to focus on other areas of your business while still growing your revenue profitably? That is what’s possible when you hire us!

Imagine how much your brand would grow if you didn’t have to spend all your time on marketing. 

Imagine how much your revenue would grow if you stopped being the bottleneck and had a team of amazing marketers committed to your success.

You could focus on improving your packaging, enhancing your customer service, creating new products, and onboarding new team members to support your growth.

You would even be able to take those trips you’ve been putting off and actually start living the life you started your business for.

Black-owned businesses generated less than 1% of the more than $2 trillion in reported gross revenue nationwide and I’m on a mission to change that.

get the expertise you need to scale Profitably


Brands I've Worked With:

You could continue to spend thousands of hours of your precious time googling "How do I get more customers?” or you could hire us to create strategies and systems that put your sales on autopilot.

You could keep wasting money on Facebook ad courses that lack a strategy or you can get the custom strategy and hands-on training you need.

You could keep winging it or you can get an actionable marketing roadmap to 7-figures.

Strategic Planning to outline customized marketing strategies designed to exponentially increase your sales

Systematize Your Marketing to streamline your efforts and reduce overwhelm so you can scale with ease

Executive Leadership to mentor, train and hold your team (including agencies) accountable to the goals we set

What's Included:

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Cost: $3,500/month
12 month minimum

Streamline Your Marketing + Free Up Your Time
We provide marketing strategy and executive leadership when you've hit a revenue plateau and want to scale.

What does a Fractional CMO do?
A Fractional CMO (or part-time Chief Marketing Officer) solves BIG problems and provides executive leadership to your marketing team so that you are no longer at the center of everything. Listen to this podcast episode to learn What, Why & When to Hire a CMO.

How it Works
We assess your greatest areas of need based on our signature framework below for scaling brands and build out a custom roadmap for your brand to hit your next milestone. We then work with your team (or build a team) to oversee execution and provide expert leadership.

Fractional CMO

Let's get you to 7-Figures & Beyond

This is for you if...

You’ve been stuck at your current revenue for months and are ready to invest in the team, systems, and strategies it takes to become a big ass brand

You’re at the center of everything and want to focus less on marketing and more on business development

You’re generating at least $20K per month and are ready to 2x or 3x that

You have an amazing product that solves a problem and you’re on a mission to reach the masses

You have a marketing team (or capacity to hire a team) of All-Stars that will become SuperStars with the right leadership and accountability

How We Get Our Clients Results

With the right Marketing Strategies, Systems, and Support in place your brand will generate consistent, profitable growth.

Listen for a walkthrough of our signature method for taking your revenue to the next level ⬇️

Marketing Audit with actionable insights so that you know exactly what actions to take to improve your ad performance

Facebook Ad Strategy that outlines your messaging, customer journey, and organic amplification tactics so that your ads attract and convert the right people.

90-Day Campaign Plan outlining audience targeting, creative assets, and tests so that you can build campaigns that scale right away.

Templates, ad scripts, technical SOPs, checklists, and more in our client resource library

30-Days Voxer access to our team to get support and guidance along the way

What's Included:

Apply for a VIP Day

Cost: $3,000

Stop Wasting Money + Increase Your Sales
(without needing an agency)

Avoid wasting money on Facebook & Instagram Ads by getting a customized ad strategy using our signature framework that outlines exactly what strategy, best practices and campaigns you need to run to execute profitable ad campaigns in-house.

You'll get a customized strategy and hands-on training from an expert that has generated over $150 Million with paid social advertising at Zappos for big brands like Crocs, Adidas, Birkenstock, Steve Madden, and (literally) 100 more.

When done strategically, Facebook Ads can create exponentially more sales and visibility for your brand.

Facebook Ads VIP Day

This is for you if...

You’re ready to stop leaving money on the table and invest in Facebook ads to increase your sales

You have someone on your team (or an agency) to build and monitor your ads

You know that Facebook Ads can bring you exponentially more customers and are ready to do what it takes to get the best results

You are consistently generating at least $10K per month and are ready to 2x or 3x that

You want to know exactly what to do to be successful without the fluff or taking a course

Our Signature Process for Profitable Facebook Ads

When done right, Facebook Ads can create exponentially more sales and visibility for your brand.

In order to create successful Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns, you must follow our proven framework:

I worked with Stacy in a VIP Day to learn how to place my own FB and IG ads and walked away from our session with so much clarity on how I will build a million-dollar business using social media and ads. I feel a lot more confident when placing ads knowing that I now have a strategy and no longer winging it. I highly recommend working with Stacy to get the help you need to place FB and IG ads with confidence

Nicole Barham, 5 Minute Bookkeeper®️

What Our Clients Say

After our call, I felt energized and eager to get started. Stacy has a great way of breaking down strategy that makes it easy to understand. It helped me to learn what language to use to attract the right buyers and also became the catalyst for my focus on messaging with my business as a whole.

Neysa & Tabari, Ginger and Carrot Productions

Working with Stacy is the most amazing experience! Truly a dream realized. She is super thorough, quick and reliable, and she communicates clearly. Her strategy and follow-through are stellar. I’ve never felt more comfortable with another’s ability to take a project and run with it.

Ariel O'Mara, O'Mara Sprung Floors

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We are obsessed with our client’s success so we don’t work with just any brand.

Fill out our form to book a call so we (both) can ensure it’s a good fit. As self-care is a core value of ours, we only take on a limited number of clients.

Don’t wait another minute to take a BIG step toward building the business of your dreams!

increase your impact & profit


Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! Email us at to set up a payment plan or utilize PayPal’s Buy Now, Pay Later feature.

What types of brands do you work with?

 Online Based businesses in the e-Commerce, Wellness, Cannabis, or Beauty industry or are Black-Owned

Do you work with Cannabis brands?

Yes! We are advocates and advise online cannabis brands. As cannabis brands can not advertise safely on Facebook yet, we are only offering Fractional CMO services to those brands at the moment

Do you offer Done-for-You Services?

No, we do not offer done-for-you media buying services anymore. We have amazing partners that we can refer you to for ad services. Email us at

Do you offer workshops, speaking, or training?

Yes! I speak on a few different topics surrounding marketing including Facebook Ad Strategy, Magnetic Messaging, and building your Revenue Roadmap. Inquire and request our speaking kit by emailing

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